Match Today: Barcelona vs Manchester City 24-08-2022 Friendly match

Manchester City play a friendly match against Barcelona on Wednesday 24 August. The match will take place at the Camp Nou, kicking off at 20:30 UK time. All proceeds from the game will go towards ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research at the Luzon Foundation to support the former Barcelona goalkeeper and coach Juan Carlos Unzi, who was diagnosed with an incurable neurodegenerative condition just over two years ago.

Barcelona vs Manchester City

In its statement, the Barcelona club administration announced an official statement on the club's official website about the open channels that broadcast the Barcelona-Manchester City match, as this match is broadcast on Barca TV.

At a press conference in Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola said: "Speaking on behalf of Manchester City, it is an honor for us that Juan Carlos Unzue is considering coming here for this event." We have the opportunity to fill it with as many people as possible. It is a great honor to participate in the match.

"The best way to attract people here is to explain why. We will try to prepare for the season on a stage like the Camp Nou. I am convinced that the stadium will be full, not only with Catalan fans, not just FC Barcelona fans, but for everyone." I hope we can fill the stadium. I am very happy, on behalf of Manchester City, to come here for the match. On August 24, we need to fill the stadium for a good reason.

Manchester City vs Barcelona

Onzo worked as Luis Enrique's assistant coach at Barcelona until 2017, then left in 2019 to coach Girona. "Once I'm here (Camp Nou) I have so many memories in my head. I feel at home. I'm happy to be back here at Camp Nou. Since I left the club, every time I come back here, they always 'hit' us." But, I hope we can change that. I'm very happy. Very happy to be here. for any motive. "This time to help the sufferers of ALS," said Pep Guardiola to the Champions League or something similar. Barcelona-Man City match schedule, Compass TV, Xavi's interview with Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola added: "He was my teammate. Then I had the opportunity to be his coach. I will always be grateful for how he helped me on the pitch. The players are the people the coach has to keep." "He was a key player when we were together. Well, march Xavi speaks for itself and now he has the opportunity to come back here (Barcelona) to help the club and the board of directors.

To take back the club where it belongs. Where will he return? Because the club has the ability to do that, and it will be done. Nice to meet him again here. "Very happy," Guardiola said. Live broadcast schedule of the Barcelona and Man City match, Compass TV, Xavi's meeting with Pep Guardiola.

The Barcelona-Manchester City match is scheduled to start on Wednesday, August 24, and will be held at the Camp Nou.