Match Today: Juventus vs Sampdoria 22-08-2022 Serie A

Juventus will be keen to score two wins out of two in Serie A when they travel to face Sampdoria on Monday evening. Italian giants Juventus were far from their best performance last season, but they got their campaign in 2022/23 off to a great start with a 3-0 win over Sassuolo in the opening match. Last weekend's Serie A title. Angel Di Maria and Dusan Vlahovic seemed to strike a right chord and seemed to be on the verge of breaking into the league. However, the Argentine's injury caused a temporary halt to the fledgling partnership. Juventus now travel to Luigi Ferraris to face Sampdoria, who will lose 2-0 in the opening weekend against Atalanta. Marco Giampaolo's side performed reasonably well against La Día, but lacked the cutting edge to make a difference in the final third. He is the complete opposite of the Bianconeri, who was not completely dominant but showed his quality in taking chances.

Juventus vs Sampdoria

Juventus have won their first two games of the season eight times in the last 12 seasons. Each time they did, the Bianconeri went on to secure the Serie A title. Allegri hopes the omens will turn in his favour once again. It promises to be a fun game between two teams that can hurt each other on their day. The visitors had the upper hand over iBlockerati in the recent past and won the similar match last season by 3-1. Allegri is hoping for more of the same on Monday night. Marco Giampaolo's side gave a decent report on themselves in the opening weekend of the 2022/23 Serie A season against Atalanta, but came away with nothing to show for their efforts. They will now play their second game in a row and will be sure to stop Juventus in their tracks. The hosts will be looking to keep things simple and isolate Dusan Vlahovic at the front. They will likely be formed into a 4-1-4-1 formation that will try to overburden their midfield with the sheer weight of numbers. The goal will be to keep things simple and stop Juventus for as long as possible.

Sampdoria vs Juventus

The two teams have not tied in a league match since 2014. Juventus have won 13 times since then, and Sampdoria has topped the two spots twice. Juventus beat Sampdoria away with at least two goals in the last three rounds. The last time they managed to collect such a number from over four matches was from 1973-77. Tonight's Juventus shutdown will see Sampdoria fail to score in Serie A for three consecutive games. This will be their worst run since they lost three games in 2016. Juventus have won their first two games of the season eight times in the last 12 seasons. They've done it every season, winning the Scudetto. Emile Audero will start scoring behind four solid defenses from Tommaso Augello, Omar Cole, Alex Ferrari and Bartosz Berezinski. Ronaldo Vieira will be tasked with fixing the midfield, with Abdelhamid Sabiri and Thomas Rincon keeping things in the middle of the pitch. This could allow Philippe Djuric and Mehdi Laris to go ahead and surprise Juventus. Allegri has a health certificate that is far from clean and will be without the summer deals of Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria. Skipper Leonardo Bonucci will travel with the team but is unlikely to appear at night. Also out were Wojcic Szczesny and Federico Chiesa. It's not all bad news with Moise Kean and Adrien Rabiot returning from suspension. The latter saw his move to Manchester United crash, and he is now set to start against Sampdoria. Allegri confirmed in no uncertain terms the Frenchman's participation on Monday.